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Voicy Radio “Let me read that stuff in depth! ( Jun Fukuda ) : This time I thought about the new rules for vaccine distribution !

Voicy radio update: “Vaccine Madness”.

Vaccine tourism has begun in New York City!
They vaccinate domestic tourists.
Broadway will be fully opened on September 1.

Japan, on the other hand, is ….

The secretary to the chairman of a major pharmacy chain asked the city, to which he donates a large amount of money, to give priority to vaccinations, and I found that quite a few heads of state have said, “I am a medical professional!” vaccination under the claim that they had been vaccinated.

In Ibaraki City, Osaka, there was an unusual situation in which elderly people stood in line all night long for vaccinations, and something must be done about this polarization.

But what if we try to think in DX-like terms?

First of all, you should change the rules, not the rule. (GAME CHANGE)
Limit the number of medical personnel to those involved in corona treatment. Please also for sheikhs and other leaders who are essential to vaccine distribution.

And why not introduce dynamic pricing for the rich?
The advance for the vaccine will be 100 million yen, which will be used as tax revenue to finance those who are no longer able to live with the corona recession.

Develop Jewish negotiating skills to stimulate future vaccine diplomacy. Even if we don’t have enough vaccines now, next year we will have more vaccines than any other country, and we will give free vaccinations to foreign tourists who come to Kyoto. Inbound tourism will be more exciting than ever before!

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Voicy Radio “Let me read that stuff in depth! Jun Fukuda

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