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LINE Stamp [Mr. F! He-No-Man’s Superpower] No.1 overall within 2 hours of its release! Yay!

LINE Stamp [Mr. F!
No. 1 overall within two hours of its release! Yay!
This time, it was a superhuman turnout, quickly overtaking Yoshi’s “Bear” at No. 2, Usamaru at No. 9, and Jutsu Kaisen at No. 10, which Shueisha Jump is pushing after Oni no Kai (Blade of Demons)! Wahahahahaha!
I’m getting a lot of credit for my book, “Swiss Living in the Corona Era,” which is now #3 on the Kindle, and my stamps are #1, so I’m getting a little bit of a kick in the pants… No, no, thanks to all of you!
Please download it if you haven’t already.
↓ 1st place for male characters too!


↓ #1 in Funny and Stuff!