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Now available in Kindle edition! The Corona Era of Living Swissy” (co-authored by Naoki Sakai and Atsushi Fukuda)

Now available in Kindle edition!
The book goes on sale tomorrow.
The Corona Era of Living Successfully” (co-authored by Naoki Sakai and Jun Fukuda)
“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God in Corona! Nothing can be undone by lamenting, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Why don’t you take this opportunity to DX your work?
After the plague epidemic that killed a quarter of the human population in the 14th century, mankind made a V-shaped recovery through science and technology. The Renaissance (French for “revival”) era had arrived.
In the 21st century, the damage done to the world by the Corona disaster, though unfortunate, will trigger a V-shaped recovery similar to that of the Renaissance period.
To achieve this, we must be flexible in our thinking and create the future; by developing our DX skills, we can make a science fiction-like future a reality.
For example, this will happen sooner or later.
A new future of home delivery in which drones come and go and packages fly through the air.
3D printing range that reproduces top chef’s recipes without delivery
With the spread of robocars, there will be no need for trains and cabs.
Enjoy everything from international travel to Mars exploration with VR.
Micro death zone? Drinking capsules repairs blood vessels and internal organs.
Your own online school taught by an AI robot teacher
All heavy equipment at the construction site is controlled from the office.
You don’t need a smartphone or cash, you just need a face to shop with.
I hope this book will help readers get the “lay of the land” to “be a DX winner,” and I hope this book will provide some tips for after-coroners.” Excerpt from the Preface
Release date : April 30
Bookstores nationwide : May 7 onwards
Publisher : Speedy Books / Publisher : Koryosha Shoten