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The Chief Executive Officer’s “First Time in the World

There is a long-running TV program called “Hajimete no Otsukai.
A 3-4 year old child takes a wrong turn and makes a mistake with his change, but he makes a respectable purchase and returns to his mother. It is impressive.
However, there were times when the head of an organization that was said to be top-notch could not “play nice” as if he were a “good guy”!
When asked to go shopping, they would come back to my house and insist that they had bought the items, without checking to see if the items were there or when they would receive them. At the very least, my subordinate would say, “Boss, when will the delivery be made?” I wondered if they would ask, “Well, it will come. The top management has talked to each other.
They don’t have a contract, let alone a memorandum of understanding or anything. Such stupidity has been repeated, and because of the lack of this, they still want me to stay home as I was a year ago, or fine! I am having difficulty with this.
No, no, no, I told you a year ago that you had to do this shopping or make it yourself in the first place!
…I may have to change jobs, thinking I’m an idiot for getting a job at such a third-rate company.