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YouTuber Yuka Kinoshita : First live-streaming to mainland China was a great success! (Collaboration Technology x Speedy)

Live feed ends!
133,229,000 people watched it in mainland China!

Yuka Kinoshita is a top-class YouTube star with an astounding 5.48 million followers. She is also one of the most popular Japanese people in China with 2.66 million followers on Weibo (Chinese version of Twitter).

Yuka Kinoshita’s first live-streaming event for China was held on “Speedy” with Collaboration Technology led by “Mashu”.

Live streaming of a conversation with Lili, a famous Japanese actress in China, while eating Ippudo ramen.
You can watch the recording below.

We will continue this series in the future, so companies looking to expand into China should pay attention.