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After Corona : Why Remote Work is Not Popular


Today is the day of the original ban after GW is vacated. But because of the extended self-restraint, remote work will continue, and in the midst of all this, I saw two NHK news stories about remote work. (Links are provided below.)

I wonder….
Will they go in the direction of “filters that can make your face beautiful through facial recognition” or “avatar offices” for teleworkers?

Corporate management will desperately pursue Japanese-style remote management from home. I feel that this will create a new type of depression. Right now, we are in a phase of self-restraint, so we have no choice but to enjoy remote work, but if it is lifted, we will not be able to continue such a practice. It is impossible to have a home and office in Japan, especially with the housing situation.

I think that new business models such as Starbucks will become popular as a new way of life that takes into account #social distance.

If your work is IT-enabled and you are in an industry where you don’t have to meet with clients in Tokyo, you will probably become a digital nomad. I think that as time goes by, “clients in Tokyo” will cease to exist. Because they can work anywhere, factories and offices can be in the countryside. And salespeople will be able to trust remotely without having to meet with each other.

In the end, the only way is for managers to develop an eye for employees based on results, not time.
You don’t reduce overtime, you eliminate offices. It doesn’t matter how much you work or how little you work, as long as you get the results you want, right? Those who can finish in an hour in the morning can play the rest of the day.

Then employees would be allowed to work on the side and the office could be anywhere on the planet. Considering the time difference, it would be about 3 hours before or after where you live. I think Singapore and Sydney are the first candidates. If you’re a little wilder, Bali and Bangkok also have good internet access, shared offices, and food.

It is important to have some urban infrastructure, 5G communication environment, and nature.
I would like to propose a new life-style proposal that would change the way we work to this extent.


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