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Corona Kouhou : The “Gattojin” appears!

When something like this happens once in a century, a person’s life is probably less than 100 years, so there is no way that an 80-year-old man can say, “Oh, by the way, I experienced this when I was little. This is the case.

I guess the one who can survive robustly in such a situation is the one who can “go gaga”.
A “gattojin” (gatto person) is, in a word, someone who has a sense of the scene.
Those who try to understand things step by step are not “gatto” people.

A “gut person” is someone who trusts his or her intuition and takes unknown side streets without hesitation. They ask a lot of questions and move quickly. They eat well and sleep well. They don’t listen to what others have to say, but they think about them.

The “gutters” create a new era without realizing it, but they are no longer there for everyone to admire after the fact.