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What will happen to corporate marketing in the face of the Corona Disaster?

What will happen to corporate marketing in the face of the Corona Disaster?

Most companies will be desperate to cut costs. Of course, this is to be expected since a recession greater than the Great Depression is predicted. However, corporate marketing will not disappear as long as people are alive.

Even if they refrain from doing so, they order pizza delivery and even dye their own hair, so hair color products are very popular.

Normally, Domino’s Pizza would have to hire 10,000 more people because they can’t eat out and order delivery.

Since the beauty salons are being closed, sales of hair color dyes and other products are ten times higher than in previous years.

And now the struggling travel industry is also starting VR tours with an eye toward “post-Corona”.

Whether or not one can find business opportunities in difficult times depends on one’s thinking.

If services that were completed in town are eliminated and must be distributed to homes, logistics will inevitably be streamlined and developed at a rapid pace. Innovations such as drones and automated driving will proceed at once.

In Japan, for example, if there had been no pandemic, the pre-modern society of fax machines and going to the office for stamping would have been forced to go digital, and innovation would have progressed.

In any struggling industry, the ability to think out of the box is put to the test.
Now seems to be the time for company employees and students who are not good at teamwork to suddenly show their talents.

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