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The Need for Hybrid Marketing in House of Representatives Elections

Marketing summary of the House of Representatives election.
Let’s not talk about how strong the ruling party was or how weak the opposition was.
To give you a quick impression, it seems to me that candidates who are doing “hybrid marketing” are getting elected.
Politicians who usually disseminated information frequently on Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram were more likely to be elected. ←This should be properly analyzed in a data-driven manner.
And the information was not necessarily just about policy, but resonated and resonated with candidates who were walking around their hometowns and posting about their interactions with their constituents. As I always say in my corporate consulting, the ratio of posts should be 1:3, 1 important thing to 3 everyday trivial things. Voters can see the real face of a person in the trivial things and feel a sense of closeness to the important message.
That’s why candidates who have mastered the hybrid type, which is the online version of their usual real-life activities, have been successful in election marketing.
It is no coincidence that veteran politicians who were not good at the Internet and devoted themselves only to local street preaching lost their elections across the board.
It must be difficult to reach independents nowadays without hybrid marketing.
Furthermore, in the proportional race, the brand strategy with the party’s marketing budget had a considerable impact on the outcome.
In the videos of each party, the Restoration was outstanding and easy to understand. In addition, the Liberal Democratic Party’s control of social networking is usually done on a budget to an impressive degree.
These are miscellaneous political and election marketing thoughts that have nothing to do with policy.

Actually, the DX level of the LDP and the RPP is the difference between heaven and earth.
The Liberal Democrats have done a great deal of online research when they were in opposition.


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