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Speedy Farm (Agriculture): Project to create a database of food supply and demand to eliminate food loss

What I think about doing Speedy Farm (agriculture).
We often receive various fruits and vegetables from our neighbors. Whenever our farm produces a large amount of seekers, we distribute them to our neighbors. It is a common scene in the countryside, but that is about it.
But after a few days, it will make you think.
Even if you distribute them all over the neighborhood, you will still have a surplus. I think about what I can do with the fruits, if any, to make juice, or what I can do with the vegetables. But the next day, new surplus vegetables and fruits arrive.
In other words, the people who kindly bring the goods to us also distribute them to their neighbors because the distributors won’t buy their products and they don’t want to destroy them.
The problem here is that no one has thought about the supply/demand relationship in the market. A matching program is needed.
Each region has its own demand for food. And there are circumstances on the supplier side that can only be provided seasonally. There is no valve (matching program) to coordinate this. That is why the food loss and poverty problems have not been solved. Losses can be reduced by controlling climate, evolving preservation methods, and modernizing delivery, but for now, let’s keep it simple.
Data on the balance of supply and demand in each region will be compiled from the seed planting stage. Without the involvement of wholesalers or distributors, data from farmers and consumers will be directly stored. As the data becomes more and more big data, farmers will be able to obtain information on which crops are needed at any given time of the year.
Production coordination will be more precise with matching apps and dynamic pricing will be realized.
Talking with people who are trying to do such things, I felt the future.
The new food ecosystem will not be complete without integration of big data from agriculture, analyzed by AI, to control liquid fertilizer for seedlings, harvesting, and delivery to consumers in need.
I would like to work with you on that possibility.

Mae Sonoada, Katsutoki Kitamura, and 225 others