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HUB Okinawa” has published an article on the HUB Okinawa! Jun Fukuda speaks on “How to Survive in After Corona Okinawa

HUB Okinawa” has been featured in an article!
Junichi Maeshiro’s summary is excellent.
Jun Fukuda speaks on “How to Survive in After Corona Okinawa.”
Okinawa has the potential to be a role model in the after-corona world.
 If we want to make a great leap forward in tourism, we must think from the perspective of establishing an economic zone centered on Okinawa in the East Asia region. The only way to achieve this is to have a strong, stable, and stable economy.
(omission) We are living in the midst of an industrial revolution brought about by the Internet. I think the starting point is to realize this. Then came the Corona disaster. Many problems have erupted and we have suffered economically, but on the other hand, it is necessary to look to the future and view the current situation positively. I would like to thank you all for your support. Corona has taught us once again the value of the real, although it has been a difficult time.
 In this sense, Okinawa has a “physical sense” of community ties and communication that is not found in other urban areas. I think this is a land where the value of the real is more easily understood. This is where I see the potential for what we can do at After Corona.”
The date of the interview was August 14, in the middle of summer! Too black already!