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Summary of what I thought after my AppleID was taken from me

The other day, I had an accident (self-stupidity…) Mr. F, Isoroku Fukuda, who lost all his past data due to an accident (self-stupidity…), received letters of encouragement from many friends around the world by exposing his unknowns to the world, which made him feel more confident about his future. I felt better. As he forgets his lunch box and shares a few side dishes from his classmates, he feels as if he has the most luxurious lunch box.

To sum up: ….

1. repent of my Apple-centric digital life, and spread out my precious data to Google, Amazon, DROPBOX, and even hard disks. I learned the lesson that we should keep our data.
→… But I don’t want the past anymore, and I don’t intend to take any measures. Wahaha.

2. Apple Inc. should change its management to disable all its products, since the number of AppleID thefts by phishing is growing so much.
-> Given the complexity of the deactivation process and the waiting time (30+ days), I’ve decided to throw away all my Apple products! Wahahaha. How’s that? I will not wait.

3. a very high-level view is that we should rethink the centralized HTTP protocol and create an era of IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) as a decentralized management.
→This was a great insight: IPFS is a protocol that runs on a P2P (Peer to Peer) network. This is what happens when the treasure is in a bank vault, and if it is decentralized, the damage will be reduced because the thief will have a hundred times more trouble.

4. and the final lesson. The recluse: …. Spiritual direction. Promoting a human way of life out of the digital! (Sounds good, but in short, ditch the digital and get out and play on the World Wide Web.)

→ Zen quote, “If you let go, your hands are full.”
I see.
Listening, feeling, and living in the “now”.
Become one with nature.

→Healer said, “By discarding the digital data of the past, my soul level went up from 40,000 souls to 60,000 souls!” I was told. You have optimized your life.

5. conclusion
We will forget the past when we get old and senile anyway, so let’s start training ourselves to forget the past now.
If you want to be proactive in your digital decluttering, go ahead and click on the unknown SMS link!
You can reset your life in an instant, wow.
If that is impossible for you, I suggest you go to an uninhabited island in Okinawa and look up at the sky and become “nothing.

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