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Ten years have passed since then… The reality is that there was yesterday and there is no tomorrow.

Morning comes to everyone in the same way.
But not everyone has the same day.
That day 10 years ago, the beginning was the same morning.
Ten years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake.
For many people in Tohoku, it was a day when the normal routine that existed until yesterday suddenly collapsed. No one could have imagined that tomorrow would be like this.
People are born in this world and think that if nothing is done, they will live for about 80 years. But there is no such promise.
The helplessness of having one’s life taken away by the forces of nature…. To whom should the survivors direct their anger?
I know that life is a life with no guarantees. Therefore, those who survive must realize the fragility and preciousness of this life and live their lives as hard as they can.
And I would like to devote every day to what I consider truly important and make an effort to do so. I believe this will be my way of making amends to the dead.
I would like to make this a day to remember those who lost their lives in the earthquake and their families, and those who lost their hearts and their grief.
Whatever it is, I want to be thankful for every day of peace.