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Louis Vuitton and sacai: The new fashion show in the age of Corona

The Corona disaster made it difficult to hold many events such as live music, plays, and movie theaters.
The fashion industry was also damaged. Not only were shows unable to open, but also sales of clothes were reduced due to a drastic decrease in opportunities for purdies and dining out.
In this context, the DXing of Louis Vuitton’s fashion shows has been a success.
Essentially, those invited to the show are a limited number of VIPs. This time, half the number of real people were invited, and the rest were assigned exclusive online camera IDs. This means that only that person can experience the realism from an exclusive position. The XR video to the walls of the venue was also built in, providing a strange new experience when viewed online. That’s what I’m talking about!
Women’s Spring-Summer 2021 Fashion Show | LOUIS VUITTON
Sakai’s collection show was an even more amazing trick.
Enoura Weather Station, located on the seashore of Odawara, has an optical glass stage with a spectacular view of Sagami Bay, completed by contemporary artist Hiroshi Sugimoto over a period of 20 years.
It was raining on the day of the show, but the 200 or so invited guests settled into boxes partitioned off by acrylic panels to watch the show against a backdrop of raindrops.
In addition, the show was streamed live via multi-angle video in conjunction with KDDI and WARP.
No matter what the circumstances, resilient ingenuity drives innovation!
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Video footage of sacai’s collection show, the first time the brand held a stand-alone show in Japan, is now available!