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New “Sumaden CO2 Zero” TV commercial airs with Non playing guitar!

New “Sumaden CO2 Zero” TV commercial airs with Non playing guitar!

In conjunction with the offering of “Sumaden CO2 Zero,” an electricity brand with virtually zero CO2 emissions, i-Grid Solutions created this commercial featuring NON, who serves as the brand’s image character.

NONO was chosen because she is the first SDGs People appointed by the Japan SDGs Action Promotion Council. Smaden CO2 Zero,” which is based on the concept of “smart and smart electricity for your home,” is an eco-friendly and sustainable electricity brand that sells “Smaden” electricity to households.

In the commercial, we can see Nonn’s figure telling “Zero CO2 emissions” and “Zero Smadden CO2″ along with the sound of his strummed guitar.

A campaign to give away a guitar autographed by Non to one lucky winner is currently underway until March 31; those who sign a contract by March 31 are eligible.

Comments by Nono
As the first SDG People, we were very happy to be asked to appear in a commercial for zero CO2 electricity. Smadden CO2 Zero is an SDG that we can start from our immediate surroundings, so it is not only friendly to the earth, but also friendly to us, the people of the earth! I thought it was such electricity.
I usually play a red Telecaster, but there was a green Telecaster available on the set of the commercial that matched the color of the Smadden.
This time, although it was just a little guesswork and a shoulder strap, I had a lot of fun shooting the guitar while being shy about meeting it for the first time.”

From the new “Sumaden CO2 Zero” TV commercial “Sumaden CO2 Zero Opening Session