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Empirical Measurement : Good-bye, ratings.

Empirical Measurement

Streaming TV stations in the U.S. use “Demand Expressions” developed by Parrot Analytics (Parrot Analytics) rather than Nielsen ratings as an indicator.

Simply an indicator of how many people have seen a program is not enough to evaluate the program. Some people just put it on, and just watching it in the first place is not enough to evaluate it.

The “degree of demand” is based on a variety of “signals” collected via the Internet.
They analyze the titles of dramas and movies searched on Google, the number of “likes” they receive on Facebook, the number of pirated downloads, and traffic on Wikipedia to determine the popularity of their content.

Based on a 360° analysis of these consumers’ lives in their entirety, the needs of the program are evaluated. Of course, it may be surreal to make a sequel because it was a hit, but it would be more interesting if we could produce works for which there is a social need, but which are not properly presented to the world.

In the past, an art film or a documentary made by a local TV station that was shown in a single theater could actually be what consumers were looking for.

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