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The Age of the Robocar! Skyline Hybrid “ProPilot 2.0” Test Drive

To experience self-driving cars (called autonomous cars or robot cars), I test drove a Nissan Skyline and a Tesla 3.

Roughly speaking, I thought Nissan’s perspective was “social” and Tesla’s was “individual.

First, a report on the Nissan Skyline.

Nissan’s design emphasizes social aspects, such as coordination with the road and surrounding vehicles, rather than driver fun-driving.
Well, first of all, “Hey! Keep your eyes on the road ahead!” The machine that monitors the drivers got mad at me a number of times.
Just a glimpse of the scenery will be punished with a gunshot wound, and the automatic operation will be cancelled. People who keep looking ahead, monitored by machines…

The “Pro Pilot” advertised in the commercials is a driving support system that provides acceleration/deceleration and steering assist only on expressways and other roads reserved for automobiles. In other words, it can only automatically drive on roads that Nissan decides! Huh? I feel like I’m not the only one. I went to the Gulf Coast to experience this even though I had no business there! 🤣

The Skyline Hybrid’s ProPilot 2.0, which we tested this time, also features hands-off (the hand release Kim Taku does) and navigation system. The new system enables natural control by interlocking…. but it’s so scared that it won’t change lanes. It doesn’t change lanes even though there are no cars 600m behind it (tears).

In the suburbs of Tokyo, general roads are not covered by propai and the Metropolitan Expressway is also no good. I’m disappointed that only a straight stretch of the Bayshore Route is supported. Okinawa support seems to be far away. Tophoho…

Also, I am used to driving on the left, and I don’t like the position of the lane in the robocar. I think it is too close to the guardrail at high speeds. It doesn’t fit. When I asked him if he could compensate for my habit, he said, “No, because I will be the one who reads errors. Robocar is a serious guy. I can’t be a bad-guy robocar!
I don’t understand why you can’t do the propy function without a navigation system. Let me go freely.

Millimeter Wave Radar” (a small sensor that can measure the distance, horizontal angle, and relative speed of a detected object using radio waves with short wavelengths) is two units ahead of the others. ゙ Seeing. This is useful in traffic jams and city driving. But it is cumbersome that it only supports straight lines and does not automatically turn at intersections.

Now, the price of an ordinary Skyline is less than 3 million yen including all expenses. This Propy 2’s price is just under 7 million yen. Then, I would like to tell you to drive a Seima by yourself.

But thanks to the property skyline’s stubborn refusal to give up the steering wheel position to me, I didn’t want to sleep. WWW

Conclusion. We are looking forward to the future.