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Report on results of autologous lymphocyte culture therapy to boost immunity

Immunity is important, isn’t it?
… Therefore, we report the results of autologous lymphocytes (cultured and activated 1000-fold) administered over 8 sessions.

If the immunity of a 20-year-old is 100, it drops to about 20 in one’s 50s. I have an NK cell activity of 60, which seems to be quite favorable.

The attached manga is taken from “Hataraku Seibutsu” (author: Akane Shimizu), a comedy in which the cells in the body are personified. When foreign substances such as viruses enter the body, virus killers called killer T cells kill them. The number of these killers indicates the level of immunity. A very easy-to-understand manga.

This type of treatment in general is called regenerative medicine. It is a medical treatment to regenerate one’s own body using one’s own abilities. Although it is called “cutting a lizard’s tail,” there are 326 genes required for a tail to grow. By the way, human genes have 3.7 billion bases. In recent years, AI has been able to decipher which of these genes play what role at a rapid pace.

Professor Yamanaka’s discovery of iPS cells is the result of the elucidation of the roles of these genes, and when cultured and transplanted, they may be able to regenerate skin, blood vessels, muscles, bones, and other organs.

Next, he will try autologous stem cell culture supernatant solution therapy. It is said to be the trump card for immortality (ultimate anti-aging). I will report back.