Speedy NEWS

Speedy creates a new publishing division, Speedy Books.

Speedy Inc. has launched a new publishing business.

Here are my thoughts on this new business.


Speedy Books aims to be a punk and intellectual publishing house to destroy the existing publishing industry, which only deals with the best-selling books and has fallen into authoritarianism.

Speedy Books does not require authors to have any past accomplishments; we don’t need social networking followers or celebrity belts.

Anyone who is intelligent and interesting enough to be on everyone’s side should publish a book.

Speedy Books books are not distributed through general bookstores. All are only available on Amazon or Kindle.
Basically, there is no inventory and no paper waste. We are the most earth-friendly publisher in the world.

Please, we appreciate your support.

Speedy, Inc.
Atsushi Fukuda / Atsushi Fukuda