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Speedy food-tech :Expanding food with the power of science!Creative Foods Vibes

Speedy food-tech

Our first new project for 2021 will be doing agriculture (food tech)!

It’s not simply about being self-sufficient in a vegetable garden.
The idea was to use human wisdom (the power of science) to overcome the threats of nature that we felt keenly at Corona.
Having been in Nanjo, Okinawa for a long time, I was fascinated by the mild climate and fertile land. I want to create a new type of agriculture here using the latest biotechnology.

Fortunately, Mr. Seikichi Shimoji, president of Okinawa Chosei Yakuso Honsha, known for his “legend of the sake master,” has agreed to donate a large plot of land for the project.
Also. Our ally, Mr. Kiyoshun Nishibatake, also gave us a lot of advice. I am too grateful.
They have been working on the land since March with a jumbo truck, and intend to have the first results by the end of the year.

Outline of Speedy Foodtech

Concept: #CreativeFoodsVibes
…science to extend the power of food!
Provide foods that overcome adult diseases that hinder longevity, such as diabetes and hypertension.
Create food that is resistant to global warming and drought, and eliminate hunger from the earth.

Food Menu
Development of genome-edited vegetables to prevent adult diseases (tomatoes, boltzinilles, etc.)
Research on drought-resistant fruits that can be exported to food insecure regions (local bananas, papayas)
Grow varieties that are resistant to typhoons and rainfall (e.g., olives)
* Growing plants are under examination.

Training Policy
The company is attempting to completely break away from traditional manual farming and operate a high-tech operation.
Feng Shui is controlled by smartphone.
Rational management by drones and robots
Typhoon Control with Hurricane Fabric
solution (esp. to a problem)

Issue :
We want to eat food that is strong for the global environment and helps people live longer.
Observations :
They eat fruits and vegetables that are covered with more pesticides than necessary.
We’ll reduce adult disease by promoting food that uses the latest scientific advances, like genome-edited crops and AI!

Stay tuned!