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NHK Sunday Museum of Art “As It Is: The Art of Okyo” Popular painter of the Edo period, Okyo Maruyama feat. ink and wash painter Akitsune Tsuchiya

NHK Sunday Museum of Art, “As It Is, The Art of Okyo” (aired November 2019)

In 2016, I created the world’s first gallery in Tokyo dedicated to VR art.
Suiboku (ink and wash) painter Tsuchiya Shuko utilized his VR technology to recreate the work of the popular Edo period painter Maruyama Okyo.

Okyo’s basic attitude toward sketching was “to look thoroughly at what is in front of you and to copy it.

When Akitsune Tsuchiya copied one of his masterpieces, the national treasure “Yukimatsuzu Byobu,” using a VR art brush… To his surprise, Okyo’s pine tree turned out to be a splendid three-dimensional work. He perfectly grasped the three-dimensional shape of the pine tree and painted it!