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Dreaming like a bird of the after corona…

A light run along Hyakuna Beach, the birthplace of Ryukyu.

The harmony of the sound of waves and birds is pleasant.

Thermostatic animals (animals that can maintain a constant body temperature of their own regardless of the ambient temperature), such as birds, do not need to hibernate.

Birds can easily fly to places suitable for them, so birds from colder regions migrate to southern areas such as Okinawa. Humans are also thermostatic animals, so they do not have wings, but they can go wherever they like.
This year, however, the corona made it impossible to move around, and the past year has not really given us a sense of the vastness of the Earth.

I am happy to be able to feel nature in Okinawa, where I came like a bird to visit the southernmost point of Japan, where you don’t need a passport, at least.

Speedy’s operations will end tomorrow.

I hope everyone enjoys spending Christmas and New Year’s at home.
I pray that next year we will be able to repel the coronas and usher in a new era.

R. Kelly – I Believe I Can Fly