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NON” plays herself! Popular deraishike anime “Momoume” x movie “Watashi wo Kukutomete” collaboration project is now a reality!

NON” plays herself!

A collaboration project between the popular deraishiki anime “Momoume” x the movie “Watashi wo Kukutomete” has been realized.

The video clip, “[Collaboration Video] OL Gymnastics”, in which Non, who is depicted in a “momo-ume style” illustration, appears as herself, has been released to the public. Please stop me from making you dance…” Edition.

Momo-chan teaches Nonn some “OL exercises” that she can use to prepare for her role…. The film is full of witty banter between the three and a worldview that becomes more addictive the more you watch it, making you grin.
Two of the “momoume” also appear in the film.

Non Comments
I am very happy to be able to participate in Momoume, which has a unique world view.
I can’t do anything to detract from the fun of momoume by including me! I was so nervous, but the recording session was fun and relaxing.
The resulting video was a very funny dialogue between the three of us, which made me chuckle.
I enjoy OL gymnastics.

The film “Watashi wo Kuttoite” will open in theaters nationwide on Friday, December 18, 2012.