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Debate show “TheUPDATE” (NewsPicks Studios) – How do TV personalities make money at DX? 〜 Guest: Akihiro Nishino / Takeshi Takei / Kang Hannah / Jun Fukuda

TheUPDATE” (NewsPicks Studios), a discussion show titled “How Do Talent Make Money at DX?” I was invited to appear live on the show.

They had 730,000 viewers. That’s a lot of interest from everyone!

Normally, I decline entertainment-related projects, but Norihiko Sasaki of NewPicks approached me intelligently, and I gladly agreed to take part in this event.

Is an entertainment production company necessary in the DX era? What exactly is the self-branding necessary for talent? is the theme.

Guests: Mr. Akihiro Nishino, Mr. Takeshi Takei, and Mr. Kang Hannah.

Mr. Takei, in particular, surprised me with his incredibly sharp and unique analysis of the entertainment industry. His talk about how he establishes his own brand and how he makes it work was superb.
Also, the story of Mr. Nishino’s practice of making the process, not just the finished product, into a business was muy interesting.
Kang Hanna’s comparison of the Japanese and Korean entertainment industry is also easy to understand and informative.

It was a fast-paced hour and a half, with the exquisite moderator, Mr. Taro Furusaka, a.k.a. Piko Taro.
If you did not see it, you can find it below.

Full length: 1 hr. 38 min.
*NewsPcks subscription required to view

◆22 minutes of excerpts from the first half *Free of charge
If you are not a member of NewsPcks, you can watch a brief part of the video on YouTube.

Mr. Kosaka Daimao has chosen me as “King of Comment of the Day”! We even got a trophy! Yay!
Mr. Jun Fukuda: “Like any other industry, if those who have talent and can come up with a good idea don’t start earning money, it will surely decline.