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Where Virtual Humans Live

Courtesy of The Procter & Gamble Company

Recently, IMMA and other talents known as virtual humans have begun to appear around the world.
This refers to the creation of a fictional human being created in 3DCG.

Virtual human talents do not commit adultery or do drugs, but whether they can be replaced as human talents is another question.

A few years ago, a famous actress was selected for the Action Movie of the Year Award. However, the actor did not perform stunts with her own body like Etsuko Shihomi (a famous action star), but all the action was created by CG technology.

Call it a legitimate deepfake…. The face, the body, is that actor we all know, but the movements are created by CG.

In France, the government has enacted a new law that requires all images used by companies in advertising and other media to clearly state “retouched photograph” if the model’s body shape has been corrected. This is a restoration of the human touch.

Robots that look and act “very similar to humans” and robots that look and act “exactly like humans” will cause a difference in the viewer’s emotional response. The strong sense of dislike that emerges from the difference between these two emotional reactions is called the “uncanny valley.

Characters such as Mickey Mouse never try to get close to humans. This is because they live forever in the paradise that is animation.

Considering all this, the greatest role of the virtual human is not to become human. They look like humans, but they are still virtual! Only creatives who can see that the human being is not a virtual human being will reassure the human being and acknowledge the world in which the virtual human being lives.

So, it seems that all human talents will not lose their jobs to virtual human talents, just as they did not lose their jobs when “Blade of the Demon” became a hit. I think we can rest assured.

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