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Like the light behind the arrow, the new challenge continues!

From now on, it seems that the company I founded five years ago was celebrating its 10th anniversary.
… So that means it’s been 15 years since then!

Light is like an arrow. The new challenge continues!

@AtsushiFukuda wrote
November 28, 2015
Ever since I was a child, I loved to make people laugh. Making people laugh makes me happy. I think that is why I am in the entertainment business for a living.

It was Sony Digital Entertainment Inc. that gave form to these feelings.

To make people happy, you need to have the right skills. That is why there are professionals in this field. My work is only possible with the wonderful creators around me. Music, art, movies, comics, and so on. Sometimes a voice, a color, a story can move me and change my life dramatically. It is for the wonder of those moments that we live.

#Thank you all so much!

Photo by Yukiko Koshima