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Water Research – In Search of Minerals

Water is important!

I drink at least 1 L a day, so I was trying to figure out what brand would be best for me.

It all started when I learned from the Netflix documentary “Zach Apron’s Journey to Tomorrow’s Earth” that the World Health Organization has indicated that soft water, such as pure water, depletes the body of minerals.

I immediately bought a checker on Amazon for 2,000 yen to check the hardness and compared 17 different kinds of water. Contrex (1468ppm ← The higher the number, the higher the hardness. I know it is rich in minerals, but it is hard to drink. Evian also has high hardness, but I don’t feel it tastes good.
My choices were the following with still and sparkling.

The name means “drop of water” in Italian, and the PET bottle is also designed with a drop of water motif.
The water is collected from natural water in the Frasassi limestone caves in Jenga, Ancona, Marche, located in central Italy.
TDS is 270ppm
A little softer than Évian!

ROSBACHER Rosbacher (Foam)
Balanced mineral water born in Germany.
TDS value 603ppm

It’s pretty hard!
Let me know what your water preferences are! The water journey continues…

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