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New commercial for “Non” “Iwate Junjo Rice” airs nationwide. Hey, hey, don’t forget!”

New commercial for “Nonn” “Iwate Junjo Mai” begins airing nationwide!

Client : JA Zen-Noh Iwate (National Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives, Iwate Headquarters)
Product name : “Golden Wind” and “Ginga no Shizuku
Broadcasting starts: October 1, 2020 (Thursday)
Iwate Junjo Rice HP: https://www.junjo.jp/brand/kome/

Non” is now “rice” after “ears of rice”! Hey, hey, don’t forget!” and shouts out the feeling of rice.
In last year’s commercial, she played the role of an ear of rice, and this year she will play the role of the lustrous “rice” after the ear of rice has been milled.

The new commercial expresses the appeal of “Iwate Junjo Rice,” which is delicious to the last grain, grown with great care by farmers who are proud of Iwate Prefecture’s clean air, healthy soil, clean streams, and earnest, pure passion.

In an interview after the shooting, he said, “(When I was in junior high school) I ate only six cups of white rice without any side dishes,” and “(In my next film) it will be all the rice served in a bowl. I’d like to play the role of a woman who eats all the rice in a bowl. I would like to play the role of Nonnon in the next film.
In order to reproduce the actual rice as faithfully as possible, they dared to wear rice costumes with a slightly snooty shape, and the gap scene, in which they look up and shout forlornly with a glazed look of rice, and then quickly change to a full smile, is a must-see.

TVCM Nationwide (terrestrial)
Title: “The Last Grain” (15 seconds)

6-second WEBCM “The Last Grain in 6 Seconds”, Golden Wind
6-second WEBCM “The Last Grain in 6 Seconds”, Ginga no Shizuku