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The “Art Criteria” that will determine the future of the country

As a top policy priority, the German government has made it a top political priority to maintain cultural institutions and facilities and to protect artists and freelancers who make their living from art and culture.

This is because it is important to maintain not only one’s physical health but also one’s mental health in order to survive in the midst of unpredictable and extraordinary circumstances and uncertainties.

Today is the day for him to announce his candidacy for the LDP presidency, which should decide the face of Japan. ゙This will not be a top priority.

I do not believe that a country that does not value culture and art can develop, so we, the voters, should consider “art standards” like Germany in our next election and vote accordingly. I think.

Monica Grütters, Minister of Culture
Very many people now understand the importance of culture.
Our democratic societies are in a unique and diverse cultural and meta The゙ia medium is needed.

The creative courage of creative people can help overcome crises. We should seize every opportunity to create something good for the future.

Therefore, the following can be said. Artists are not only essential, they are necessary to sustain life. especially now,” he stated.