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Balancing the small world with the big world

How do we live in the small world and the big world at the same time? We have a small world in which we want to find happiness and contentment within ourselves.

But that small world must intersect with the larger world (a snobbish, dystopian world).
We live in a small world and a big world at the same time, and we cannot forget either.
– From an interview with Kazuo Ishiguro related to his novel “Remains of the Day.
*A dystopia is the opposite of a utopia (ideal world).

No two days are the same. The sunset at Tamaki in Nanjo City, Okinawa Prefecture, has a different look every day. Humans cannot dominate nature. We can only come to terms with the big world within our own small world by thinking about it and chewing it over.

And I hope to soften the prickly edges of the big world with the sensibilities of the small world.

The Remains of the day.
“One of the things interested me always is how we live in small world and big world at the same time. we have a personal arena in which we have to try and find fulfillment and love.”
But that inevitably intersects with the larger world, where politics, or even dystopian universes prevail. We live in small world and big world at the same time and we can’t forget one or the other.