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NONON, Clothes for Rebirth. RE:BORN!] SDGs Feature

NONON, Clothes for Rebirth. RE:BORN!] SDGs Feature
If you can integrate the use of personalized bottles and bags into everyday life, it will become the norm.”

Non” loves to sew, and this time she made an original piece by combining worn-out jeans and leftover T-shirts from her inventory. (last photo).
In fact, there are many more works. I think it would be interesting to do a fuction show with these works. If you are interested, please contact me.

FRaU” (August 2020 issue)
Hello Nippon! Starting in Japan, the SDGs.

coxco x Discontinued Clothing : Discarded Apparel. Old clothes are collected and made into products from them using recycled polyester.

Nudie Jeans x Unused Cotton : Recycled from spinning mill scraps, manufactured in a Swedish factory using renewable energy.

retela x ink stained cloth: made from cloth discarded during the traditional Indian printing process.

KiNaKo x Surplus building materials : Created using materials from scraps from demolition sites and yoga mats.

FOOD TEXTILE x Discarded food : Made from cut vegetable scraps and coffee grounds as dye.