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Speedy Live! The Age of the Online Producer (15 deliveries in 3 months)

The recent filming site for the Taihei Hayashiya online yose (Speedy Live! feat. Yose Channel).

“Speedy Live!” began on April 11, 2020, on the shores of Okinawa, Japan, with the singing of Ray Yamada.

Since then, the “NON” [NON OUCHI DE MIRU LIVE] series has started on May 5 and is becoming a regular monthly event.
June 19, 2nd.

June 20: Top YouTube star Yuka Kinoshita’s live-streaming for China on Weibo has been viewed by more than 100,000 people each time. Delivered twice to date.

June 27. Yorimitsu Sakamoto’s “Online Katsuben Series” begins.

The popular Chinese female yuri has already been distributed six times on Weibo.

On June 27, Facebook Live was launched. Conducted a dialogue on current affairs with Naoki Sakai and Yukio Tachibanagawa, which was well received.
July 4, 2nd.

July 12. The “Online Yose” series in collaboration with Yose Channel has begun. The next show will be performed by Sanyutei Koraku tomorrow, July 19.

The Corona Disaster has brought about a boom in online live shows, and Speedy was one of the first companies to take up the challenge, boasting that it is the best in the world in terms of know-how: a whopping 15 shows in three months!

Integrating online distribution and production functions is more difficult than one might imagine.
Camera switching, recording portions, inserting tickers, relaying from the outside, securing internet access, etc., all problems must be solved live and simultaneously. I don’t think a conventional program producer could handle it.

We hope that young people who aspire to a career in the visual arts will take this opportunity to establish a new profession as an “online producer.

… So, am I the first online producer?

Atsushi Fukuda