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Three conditions for a paradigm shift : new means of communication + new energy sources + new means of transportation

Civilization critic Jeremy Rifkin says, “Major paradigm shifts in history have one thing in common.” He points out. The emergence and convergence of three key technologies at the same time will create new infrastructures or ゙ will be born.
In the 20th century, it is as follows.
Means of communication (electricity) that make economic activities more efficient
New energy source (oil)
New means of transportation (automobile)
If we apply this to the 21st century today, do we get this picture?
5G + renewable energy + EV
And there will be plenty of business models and service applications that fit this bill.
For example…
AI analysis + genome editing + cancer therapy
Drone + Sensor + Delivery
We are not decarbonizing because it is environmentally friendly, but because oil drilling and natural gas alone will not be able to withstand the huge energy demand in the future, so we need to develop new energies. The development of a new energy source will be necessary.
With this understanding, humanity must continue to invest in science and technology. Oil-producing countries in the Middle East are also investing heavily in the mega solar business.
Japan does not even control its broken nuclear power plants and does not have a concrete next-generation energy policy. The idea of decarbonization alone will not lead to innovation.
Aggressive investment should be made in mega-solar systems that take advantage of typhoons and the many mountains and rivers.
Sixty-seven ( %(3分の2)が森林である。そのうち、持ち主がわからない森林が20% ) of Japan’s land area is %(3分の2)が森林である。そのうち、持ち主がわからない森林が20% Of %(3分の2)が森林である。そのうち、持ち主がわからない森林が20% have unknown owners. In other words, 14% of Japan’s forests are missing their owners. All of these areas should be turned into wind power generation bases. Unlike solar panels, deforestation is not a problem with wind power. Moore’s law will be applied to the area efficiency of solar panels.
These are some of the thoughts I had about the earth as I strolled through Yoyogi Park on Sunday.
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