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Ellie Omiya’s big solo exhibition is at Shibuya Seibu! If you’re looking for a trip to the tropics, here it is!

Ellie Omiya’s big solo exhibition is at Shibuya Seibu starting yesterday!
There are 100s of colorful works of art! How much power!

I can’t even travel, Corona, but I got to experience more than just going to Amami or any resort in the world!
It all feels good.
If you go to Shibuya, stop by. You’ll be healed!

Solo exhibition “new world for you!
Dates: Tuesday, March 30, 2021 – Sunday, April 18, 2021
Place: Seibu Shibuya B Bldg. 8F = Art Gallery and Alternative Space
21-1 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Ellie’s comment (from her blog)
A year has gone by since Corona began, both financially and spiritually.”
I feel that I am becoming exhausted.
I also spend my days managing to make myself somewhat tired and happy.
Therefore, the key visual for this exhibition is
I tried to make the painting a cuddly, soothing picture.

The flowers and grasses depicted here are real flowers and grasses.
Each of them has the following language of flowers.

Suzuran Happiness comes again
Yagurigusa Never give up hope
Amaryllis, radiant beauty, pride.
Gerbera Thank you Sublime beauty
Kalanchoe, I protect you, I proclaim happiness.
Tulip, budding love, sincere love.
Ezo kanzo, forget your sorrows, may you smile, each day renewed.
Bakuyagiku, a short break

The blue butterfly is meant to carry miracles.
It is said that God transforms himself into a butterfly and brings good luck.

The solo exhibition at Shibuya Seibu will be close to you and
I hope this will be an encouraging time for you.

This year’s exhibition will focus on the Matisse-influenced style of painting, from the shamanic style of the past to the Matisse-influenced style of painting, from the
You’ll see the transition to a new style of painting all in one place.”

個展「new world for you! 」西武渋谷店B館8F 美術画廊