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It has been 8 years since the start of “Talked.jp”, Jun Fukuda’s version of “Tetsuko’s Room”! A video version will be launched.


Eight years have passed since the start of Talked.jp, Jun Fukuda’s version of Tetsuko’s Room.
Originally, the magazine requested the interview was limited and most of the interesting things said or heard would be cut out, so as a condition of the interview, we asked to be re-published in the on-demand media. As a result, we were able to interview a total of 56 people!
Starting with people in the media industry, I have now had conversations with people from all industries without any boundaries. For the past several years, I have been meeting and talking with people I want to meet spontaneously, even without a request.
It expands my worldview, and I often encounter new projects from people who read this dialogue. It is also highly effective in promoting the interlocutor’s new book. This is because the readers are all my intelligent followers!
Now, since some people have said that text alone is not enough, we have decided to start distributing a video version (YouTube) of Talked.jp.
Below is the trailer. Enjoy!
◆2021 (8 persons)
Leena Lee (actress, model) Aug.
Akira Takatoriya (Japanese businessman), June
Kentaro Ogata (CEO of Voicy, serial entrepreneur, investor, CPA) July
Rina Akimoto (Representative of Vivid Garden, a primary industry venture) July
Minoru Moriya (New Business Entrepreneur) June
Nakata, Takashi (Islamic jurist) May
Comins Rio (President of SEAMES Inc.), April
Momoko Shirakawa (Journalist, Author) March
◆2020 (6 persons)
Naoko Yamazaki (Representative of NOKs Labo, Wealth Manager Personal Coach) Nov.
Yohei Takayama (President, Departure Bunt Co., Ltd.) November
Chisato Kunimoto (Co-Founder and Global AI Business Trend Marketer, Kyun Corporation) July
Taigo Kusunoki (President, SOUNDRAW Corporation) June
Hiroto Kobayashi (Co-founder and Representative Director, CVO of Infobahn Inc.) March
Ieiri Kazuma (Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, President of CAMPFIRE Inc.) Feb.
◆2019 (11 persons)
Atsushi Takada (Former General Manager, Lexus Brand Management Department, Toyota Motor Corporation) December
Mai Yoshino (Associate Professor, Faculty of Business Administration, Tokyo Seitoku University / Director, Sezon Museum of Contemporary Art) November
Tadashi Onizuka (President of Appleseed Agency, Inc., Agent, Author) Oct.
Mami Watanabe (gravure, actress) Aug.
Xiaoxiyo Chen (Representative of DIGDOG, LLC, Executive Officer of Chocolate Co.
July: Masataka Haba (Representative of BACH Ltd., Book Director)
Koji Mitani (Professor, Toranomon Graduate School, Kanazawa Institute of Technology) March
Ian Shimizu (Environmental Activist) March
Ihoko Kurokawa (sensibility analyst and essayist) March
Taihei Shisei (CEO, Startburn K.K.) March
Seika Watabe (Representative Director of WELgee) Jan.
◆2018 (8 persons)
Masataka Banno (Palace carpenter and architect) Dec.
Yuki Naruse (Representative of ON THE TRIP, Entrepreneur), Aug.
Nobuaki Okamoto (President of Tokiwa Matsu Gakuen Educational Corporation and President of Yokohama College of Art, an affiliated school) June
Junko Kokoyama (Copywriter and Creative Director) April
Emi Kusano (artist, writer, MC, singer) March
Fujio Koshima (Representative Director, Pirika Corporation) March
Yoichiro Tsunoda (Variety Producer) Feb.
Yukio Tachibanagawa (Director, Digital Media Laboratory, Inc.) February
◆2017 (4 persons)
Tetsuya Ando (Representative Director, Founder, Fathering Japan) Oct.
Hirokazu Yanase (Producer, Nikkei Business Planning and Editing Center, Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.
Taro Maki (President and Representative Director, Genco Corporation) May
Takuya Kitagawa (Executive Officer, Rakuten, Inc.) April
◆2016 (2 persons)
Yoko Sakanoue (Management Strategist and Author) Oct.
Kensuke Kondo (Representative Director, Mindworks Entertainment) July
◆2015 (8 persons)
Kana Kawaguchi (President, NPO Homedoor) December
Shihoko Urushi (Principal, Shinagawa Joshi Gakuin) December
Susumu Namikawa (President, Dentsu Social Design Engine) December
Kengryu Nakamura (Professor, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo) September
TAYLOR (Taylor, model, YouTuber, blogger) June
Junko Yamamoto (President, Arts Marketing, Inc.) and Takehiko Numata (CEO, One More, Inc.) January
Sayaka Kuriyama (Representative of NPO Ashante Mama) Jan.
◆2014, Takatoriya (9 persons)
Aoe Kakuho (abbot of Ryokusenji Temple, Higashi Honganji School of Jodo Shinshu), Dec.
Kaori Fukushima (Journalist) Oct.
Yohei Yamaguchi (Representative Director of Blue Marlin Partners, Founder of Sheares) Oct.
Mariko Ogata (Copywriter and Creative Director, Hakuhodo) September
Nobuyuki Takahashi (President, Studio Hard Deluxe Co., Ltd.) August
Fuyuhiko Nishi (film director, producer, actor), Junichi Bamba (creative director) June
Naoki Sakai (Conceptor, President of Water Design Co., Ltd.) June
Masaru Uchida (Former Editor-in-Chief of Weekly Shonen Magazine) January 2008 *Extras
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