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Talked Conversation [Reikejo, Martial Artist, Actress Leena Lee] (Part 1) Riina Lee x Brand Consultant Jun Fukuda

Leena is international, fluent in three languages. She is unique in that she is science-minded and used to deep-learn and analyze poses in her own mind when she was modeling. Her future activities are very promising.
Talked Conversation [Rekejo, Martial Artist, Actress Leena Lee ] (Part 1)
Riina Lee x Brand Consultant Jun Fukuda
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Leena: “I had never learned how to pose for a photo shoot (before I became a CanCam model), so I learned everything on the set after I became a model. It’s the “Planned Happenstance Theory.
I was a senior and there were many top-notch models, so the field is a classroom. I put a pipe chair next to the photographer and observed them, and I kept looking at them and saying, “This is how they move. And when we finished shooting, the editorial department would select the photos, so I would say, “I’ll be back when you select them!” and went to the editorial office. I was given not only my own photos, but also those of my seniors, and I noticed that they had a pattern in their posing.
It is also different for all of us. Some are good at skirts, some are good at pants, some are good at holding bags, some are good at facial expressions, …… because we all are. So you have to analyze that ……. It’s a little bit science-y.”
Editing and composition: Junko Io
Photo: Yukiko Echima
Date: August 30, 2021