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EthSign, the next generation of electronic signatures exchanged on the blockchain

Next generation electronic signature “EthSign” (EthSign)

It was painful to watch the news on Corona Disaster about the Japanese managers who go to their offices to stamp their seals. Finally, DocuSign is starting to be used, and about one billion people in Europe and the US, where the signature culture, not the seal, is already in use.

Now, this “EthSign” is an electronic signature that goes even further.

The contract is completed in the cloud, rather than stored on servers on both sides.
The blockchain technology allows for decentralized existence, so there is no centralized dependence as if it were on a single server.
Free from threats such as unauthorized access and hacking.
Users generate PDF contract files with digital signatures and manage them in a decentralized manner.

Already, Speedy’s head office (Japan) and Speedy Euro (Estonia) communicate with each other via “EthSign” (EthSign).

In the future, we would like to make payments to artists for royalties on NFT art sales on a virtual currency basis.