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Non art work “Chotogajumaru” Okinawa Yanbaru Art Festival

Non” and Ribbon.
At first glance, the ribbon represents cuteness, but “NON”‘s ribbon also means re-born, evoking a new era.
Here in Yanbaru, a diverse subtropical jungle of mountains and forests. It was registered as a World Natural Heritage site this year.
The banyan tree towering over this sacred place and the artwork created by “Non”, consisting of a group of beautiful ribbons, shine brightly. The banyan tree is said to be a walking tree that moves 1 cm in 100 years to the water’s edge, and “Non’s” butterfly ribbons were combined with it to create the artwork.
We believe that this work will become the signature art of the Yanbaru Art Festival.
The artwork “Chotogajumaru” can be viewed inside the Okuma Resort.
Details of Yanbaru Art Festival are as follows.