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The earliest artist in the entertainment industry to be DX’d, Kami Hirose!

Lunch with Ms. Kamie Hirose after a long time. Naoki Sakai and I spent a pleasant time together.
As far as I know, Kami is the first DX artist in the entertainment industry.
After graduating from college, she moved to the U.S. because of her admiration for Michael Jackson. He auditioned for Seth Riggs, Michael Jackson’s voice trainer. There, in order to get as close to Michael as possible, he directly asked if he could study songwriting and producing. If he wanted to write songs, he was advised to take vocal training as well, and he became the first Asian to pass the audition and studied under him for about three years.
In 2009, at the pioneering age of Twitter, he became the first major Japanese artist to hold a Twitter concert.
An official YouTube channel was launched in December 2019. The free and unrestrained singing of the Corona Disaster has received a great response.
And now, a video tie-in with Johnson & Johnson’s brand “Band-Aid” is getting a tremendous buzz.
What a surprise, Kami wrote the lyrics and sang the song from the image of the product. There is no other top-notch influencer like her.
The official site has over 2.25 million views!
I like that you find it very interesting.
If you’re looking for a fun tie-up like this for a client, big or small, please contact me and I’ll connect you! I will only connect the interesting ones to the person in question.
◆BAND-AID® Kizupowerpad™ “Kizu no Kamisama” (Sung by Kami Hirose/ Illustration by Keiko Satsukame) 2min 13sec version
Kami Hirose Official YouTube Channel