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Speedy Farm (Speedy Farm 2): I planted a stump of juzudama (bead tree).

Speedy Farm (Speedy Second Farm)
I planted a stump of juzudama (bead tree) on a trial basis.
A naturalized plant that came with the spread of rice. It was named juzudama because the autumn fruits were used as beads.
Astragalus was bred as a cultivated species from Jew’s dama.
They have made this juzudama fruit larger and less hard.
Jyuzudama is a medicinal herb used in Chinese herbal medicine. The seeds can be infused and drunk as a tea. It is effective for neuralgia, rheumatism, and stiff shoulders.
I just took an infusion and it’s muuuuuch easier to drink!
Also known as “juzudama” (bead-shaped beads).
Classification: Poaceae, Juzudama
Scientific Name/ Coix lacryma-jobi
English name: Job’s tears
Country of origin/Tropical Asian origin
Flowering season: July – October
Plant height / 1 to 2 m