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Yat (Yat) Emoji NFT is very popular, sold for 2.3 billion yen!

There is a saying that a new drink is a new skin bag.
New media means new content.
The people who do NFT are crazy playmates with a taste for EDM and clubbing. In Japan, they are like people who like Shibuya and Harajuku culture.
Now, I would like to introduce the NFT of Yat, a pictogram combination identifier (=Identifier a code that identifies a variable, function, or property).
Yat labo has sold about 160,000 Yat and earned $20 million (2.3 billion yen) since it was founded in 2021.
Emojis created with Yat are used in social networking sites and website URLs. (I already have them in my Twitter and Instagram)
Currently, 447 different pictograms are managed, with the most expensive ones being identifiers made up of one or two pictograms, with the highest price being $425,000 for the only single pictogram, GOLDEN KEY, and two pictograms, Lamb and Bikini” sold for $60,000, and the combination of “rocket and moon” sold for $200,000.
In addition, combinations of 3, 4, and 5 characters are available for sale. Prices are determined by the “Rhythm Score,” which consists of three factors: length, popularity, and pattern of the pictogram. For example, a pictogram with three hearts in a row has a Rhythm Score of 99 (out of 100)
For example, the famous rapper G-Eazy’s Yat is “Batman and Roses,” a rather expensive and lavish combination.
↓Click on it!
Interesting, isn’t it? You can make it below.
Jun Fukuda also tried to make it with his own characteristics. (But the link is gone now because I just submitted it…) I’ll put it back tomorrow…)
NFT is fun to use on social networking sites like this. Everyone should try it.
So when you get tired of it, you can resell it on NFT’s marketplace, Opensea or something like that.