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Starring NON! The movie “Sakananoko” (original story by Sakanakun) is scheduled for a nationwide roadshow in the summer of 2022 at TOHO theaters!

Starring NON! Movie “Sakananoko” (original story by Sakanakun) will be roadshowed nationwide in the summer of 2022!
Finally, we can announce! Non” will play the role of Sakana-kun’s life. And directed by Shuichi Okita of “The Chef of South Polar”! This movie will surely win awards all over the world.
When we announced it this morning, it was the top story on Yahoo News and also dominated the first and second places in trends. Amazing!
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Sakana-kun’s half life movie starring Noh
■Work Information
The Movie “Sakananoko
Starring: Non
Based on Sakana-kun’s “Sakana-kun’s Ichigo-ichi-kai: Mainichi mukai na life! ~” (published by Kodansha Ltd.)
Director/Screenplay: Shuichi Okita
Screenplay: Shiro Maeda
Production: “Sakananoko” Production Committee
Production/Distribution: Tokyo Theatres
Publicity: Yoake
Roadshow in summer 2022 at TOHO CINEMAS Hibiya and other locations throughout Japan.
mythical fish-like creature
Giggle!” The “Sakananoko” was born, a fish that is a big catch of excitement. Sakana-kun, together with the cast and the entire production team, has been waiting with great anticipation for the birth of “Sakananoko”! It is a film filled with the kindness of people and fish. So, Gyo, join us! Let’s Gyo with a Fishy Heart!
I was thrilled from the bottom of my heart that Director Okita would direct a film based on Sakana-kun’s autobiography. I am very excited. And to be able to play the role of Sasakakun, I think it’s a great event. I think. After the costume fitting and getting on set, I felt that this was not sensational casting, but that they had entrusted me with this role with sincerity. It was a wonderful film. I can’t wait for everyone to see it.