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Let’s get to know the history of Russia and Ukraine!

This is your opportunity to learn about Russian history!
Russia originated in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.
Russia began in 978 when Vladimir I (then 37 years old) created the Grand Duchy of Kiev in Ukraine. He used the water resources of the Dnieper River to develop his economy and established trading relations with the sister of the emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire, who became his wife. Along with that, they introduced Christianity as the state religion. From this time on, there was a discrepancy with the Jews. Incidentally, President Zelensky is also a Jew. (As an aside, half of the foreign clients who financed Japan during the Russo-Japanese War were American Jews who hated Russia.)
After the death of Vladimir I, the Grand Duchy of Kiev was weakened by family disputes, and people migrated to Novgorod (the first capital of Russia) and Moscow. Then, in 1240, the Mongols conquered Southern Lusy and the Grand Duchy of Kiev was destroyed.
In the 13th century, Polish kings invited many Jews to help foster business. And they have helped the Polish nobility to rule the Ukrainian peasants (Slavs-Russians) in a watchdog-like manner.
In 1762, the Empress Ekaterina II (Czar of Russia) ascended to the throne and started a war against the Ottoman Empire, acquiring the northern coast of the Black Sea and the Crimean Peninsula.
Yekaterina gave the Jews land in Ukraine that remained uncultivated, but they were not very interested in agriculture, so they abandoned their farms and gradually settled in Odessa, a southwestern city built by Russia (in southern Ukraine), where they engaged in commerce. This pattern was made into a film, “Fiddler on the Roof.
In 1881-84, the “pogroms” (acts of mass persecution against the Jews) by the Russian people in southern Ukraine took place, and from 1903, Jews began to flee abroad in increasing numbers.
Side note: The Jewish Kuhn Loeb Trading Company of New York, which financed the aforementioned Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905), was merged into Lehman Brothers in 1977.
In other words, Russia and Ukraine (Kiev has a 60% Jewish population) are rooted in the conflict between Christians and Jews.
And Ukraine’s population of 41.5 million, the largest population of any neighboring country to Russia’s 130 million, is 1/3 of the country’s power and is a constant source of fear.
Although there are no pros and cons to religion, if one does not look at the Ukrainian conflict with knowledge of the complex and long history of Europe, Japanese people 10,000 kilometers away should know that what is reported as the “international community” is not international and is driven by the logic of Western nations (in this case, the Jewish US and the EU). Japanese people 10,000 kilometers away should be aware of this.
This week, British Prime Minister Johnson visited India and said, “I understand your historical position and I have no right to condemn your friendship with Russia, but please don’t buy too many arms from Russia and buy some from the UK, too. If Japan had not been in sync with the US and the EU, and had continued its multilateral diplomacy with Russia, it could have maintained a good position like India. Then the price of housing materials would not have gone up, and Japan would not have been caught in such a sharp depreciation of the yen.
Britain and India aim for free trade deal by October, says Johnson
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