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I appeared on the radio program “Shibuya’s Hirokazu Yanase Laboratory” (aired on August 10) from Okinawa to promote my book “Streetwise City 2022” (author : Jun Fukuda)!

I was invited to appear on the radio program “Hirokazu Yanase Laboratory in Shibuya” (aired on August 10) from Okinawa to promote my book “Streetwise City 2022”! Thank you, Hirokazu Yanase, for the invitation.

You can also listen to it on the web below (54 minutes).
Hirokazu Yanase, Professor, School of Liberal Arts Research and Education, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Jun Fukuda, serial entrepreneur
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This time, we welcomed entrepreneur Jun Fukuda, whose new book “Streetwise City 2022” (Speedy Books) has just been published, as our guest, and asked him about the book, in which Yanase makes a brief appearance. Mr. Fukuda is an entrepreneur who has just published a new book, “Street-oriented City 2022” (Speedy Books).
Fukuda fled his Roppongi townhouse to Okinawa to play with nature after the Corona disaster, but as time passed, he said he wanted to return to Tokyo.
What is the reason?
Mr. Fukuda, who experienced all the good and bad differences between the city and the countryside in the Corona disaster, talked about what the city should be like after Corona and the potential of Okinawa.
📖 Jun Fukuda, “Street-Based City 2022” – From Art to Performing Arts: After Corona New Urbanism by a Serial Entrepreneur (Speedy Books)