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New Book “Street-Based City 2022” – From Art to Entertainment: After Corona New Urbanism by a Serial Entrepreneur / Third Day of Sale

Third day of new book release.
This is a POP displayed in a bookstore.
Now, one of the kicks in writing this book is the problem of Tawamans. The elevators stopped for a long period of time during flooding, there were incidents of large-scale power outages, and the mood has changed to “are townhouses really the place to live? Towers were created in 1997 with the revision of the Building Standard Law. Twenty-five years later, I have been struck by an unimaginable event that has made me think about what I should do with my future home. I have lived in both houses and townhouses, so my experience has broadened my thinking about the best places for people to live.
Where we should live in Corona will vary greatly depending on how we work. If you work from home, you can’t just go home to sleep, and if you have a family, you have to consider the importance of nature and community.
Although there are many problems, we would like to reconsider the issue of where we live by looking at the history and taking a bird’s eye view. We hope you will take a look at this book.
Streetwise City 2022.”
~ From Art to Performing Arts: After Corona New Urbanism by Serial Entrepreneurs
Towers that stretch “vertically” will destroy the city. The smart city of the future will be a street-style city that stretches “horizontally.
Jun Fukuda, a serial entrepreneur who has worked as an entertainment agent, operated an art gallery in L.A., sold NFT in Estonia, developed a resort and a high-tech farm in Okinawa, talks about the new urbanism.
It is also available at bookstores nationwide and online at Amazon, Rakuten Books, Yodobashi, etc.
You can read it on your Kindle at the same time.