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Updated 3D viewing site with full reproduction of Speedy Gallery exhibition [Meditation and Healing by Tae Hue

The 3D viewing site has been updated with a complete reproduction of [Meditation and Healing by Tae Hue] on display at Speedy Gallery. You can view it crisply from your smartphone or PC without an app.


Artwork can be purchased online from 3D sites from anywhere in the world. Supported currencies include US dollars, yen, euros, and virtual currencies (US only) 💰💰💰 (Shopify)


Past exhibits can be viewed, and those in stock can be purchased.


We have partnered with “V21 Artspace” (London), which also produces 3D sites for world-class museums (Gadderby Museum and Art Gallery, Nottingham Castle, etc.) and Hauser & Wirth (London, Hong Kong, New York, etc.).

The Speedy Gallery, as a real gallery, will go 3D online in May 2021 and is tied to the commerce site.
Exhibition : Meditation and Healing by Tae Hue
Artist: TaeHue
Exhibition : June 4 to August 27, 2022