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Speedy Resorts: I came to the Keiza Cliff (Giza Banta – Life Water Falls) waterfall.

A 15-minute drive from Speedy Resorts is the Keiza Cliff (Giza Banta – Life Waterfall) waterfall.
Located in the southern part of Okinawa’s main island (Yaese Town, right next to Nanjo), this power spot overlooks the ocean facing the Great Pacific Ocean on a cliff 40-plus meters above sea level. One can descend the cliff land to a waterfall with countless rivers cascading into the sea.
However, this place has a sad history. It is said to be a tragic place where many people who were cornered by the U.S. military during the Battle of Okinawa and the Southern Front at the end of the Pacific War threw themselves into the sea.
When I go here, I bring a traditional Okinawan good-luck charm called a “mars bag” with me. Mirth means “salt” in the Okinawan dialect. Mirth has been worn as a purifying salt and amulet, and as a form of protection in the island nation of Ryukyu. Even today, the divers still carry it around with them.
We will not forget the sad history of the South and will take the power of this nature with a sense of repose.