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The limits of one’s thinking and the imagination outside of those limits.

Really, people’s (and my own) imagination is so small.
When I am in Los Angeles, I think about how art galleries can be more exciting.
Back in Tokyo, I had no time to spare for the client’s DX progress and branding requests.
And while I thought I could relax in Okinawa, there are many miscellaneous things to do, such as meetings at the resort and on the farm.
In between, I do what I can with my phone, including startup investments, real estate, and virtual currency related things.
Now, what is the problem with being so busy? I still need Okinawa. In Nanjo (southern part) of Okinawa, unlike other cities, time passes more slowly. And there is time to play with the sea and nature.
You can reflect on how you are living only with what is in front of you. Your thoughts are linked to and controlled by where you are. When you are away from your location, your brain’s awareness of the problem gradually fades away, like the radio waves of Wi-Fi. This is the perception of one’s limitations.
Anyone can think and solve problems, but they can’t think about what they haven’t thought about. But that is not how innovation happens. Why can’t we think that Russia might have the right part of the story? Can’t technology solve the problem of the Shiretoko tourist boat accident, instead of tightening government regulations? Is there any way to make the yen “good” even though it is getting weaker and weaker?
To think about things that you can’t even think about. And to have that margin for yourself. If everyone had a way to make that room in their busy schedule, the world would be a better place.