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Producer Shoro Kawazoe, who discovered Yumin and YMO, talks about “God of Hits” (YouTube channel of serial entrepreneur Jun Fukuda [tokudo.jp])

The producer who discovered Yumi and YMO talks about how to be loved by the “God of Hits.
Music producer Shoro Kawazoe made a guest appearance. He talked about the behind-the-scenes of his vast past hits!
Kawazoe is the man who led an unknown band, YMO, to success as a world-class techno-pop band, and produced 18-year-old Yumi Arai (Yumi Yumi) to become a national singer.
He also released urban, sophisticated music that is now internationally recognized as “city pop,” such as Hi-Fi Set, Circus, and Minako Yoshida. He is known as a renowned producer who has continued to produce hits that transcend time, such as Thelma Aoyama’s “Soba ni iru ne,” which was recognized by Guinness World Records as the best-selling single of all time.
He talked about how to make a super hit in the entertainment industry in 2021, which continues to feel stagnant.
[The God of Hits came to the U.S. by himself at age 19!
Everything is random.
Creator of Yumi and YMO] Creating the norm for TV dramas.
[The secret of the hit is,] Only happy people can send happiness.
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Promotional strategy that gave birth to Yumi Arai (Yumi Yumi)
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YouTube channel of serial entrepreneur Jun Fukuda [tokudo.jp
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