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THE BAR by Speedy : Making Roppongi an important place!

In the midst of the pandemic, I had been looking for a Bar space in Roppongi since the beginning of 2021.


I looked around at properties all over the place. I was not surprised to find that Roppongi was in ruins because of the pandemic.
Unfortunately, many restaurants closed and I found myself with few places to stay. I sought a place in Okinawa or Los Angeles, but Tokyo is my home base.
All of the properties had a history and also had different or difficult specifications that I was looking for. Whenever I looked at properties, if I didn’t like something even if it met my requirements, I stopped.
Finally, I got a call last month that a great place was available. Right in front of my condo, next to my office!
However, the prospective tenants flooded in to the conveniently located site just a two-minute walk from Roppongi Crossing. In all, five companies came forward.
The owner asked me to present my “love for Roppongi” w
Are you serious?”
… So, I was given some time in the morning of the day I was leaving for Los Angeles to unpack my book, “Streetwise City 2022,” and talk about how important street culture is. I also explained that I had been hanging out in Roppongi since I was 18 years old. I also explained that I had been hanging out in Roppongi since I was 18 years old and that this bar was in my hometown between where I lived and where I worked. The result was to be announced in a week.
And passed! Yay!
The owner also has a food and beverage business in Honolulu and said his international sensibilities matched mine.
Now, this U-shaped counter belonged to the previous owner. The bar could be used as is, but after careful consideration of why he wanted to create a bar and what he wanted, he decided to make it “an important place where the best drinks are served. It is not a “my bar” as a hobby, but just a place to serve good cocktails and good wine.
A place to relax at the end of the day. That’s what I decided to create.
How about the name “THE BAR by Speedy”, aiming to open in December.
Stay tuned!

THE BAR by Speedy

Address: 4F, 7-12-3 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo (Powerhouse Roppongi Bldg.)

200m walk from Roppongi Crossing in the direction of Midtown
It’s on the 4th floor of the building on your left with “Fish & Chips” on the ground floor!

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